Dreams 2 Come, a Dream Come True


  Hello, my name is Jason Drummond, I am the Owner-Operator of both, Dreams 2 Come (Wedding/Event Venue) and JD’s Party 2 Go (Mobile DJ Service), JD’s Party 2 Go (Mobile DJ Service), as well as a past DJ/Radio Personality. I have been a Wedding and Event DJ for the past 25+ years and I have continued to grow and expand my experience, so that I may better serve people with whatever event that they may be having. During that time I have had both the pleasure and the honor of being a part of helping many people with a great start to fulfilling their own dreams for the future.

  During the span of this time, I have seen a lot of what people would like to have in an Event Venue. It seems to me that people really stress themselves out trying to find everything from a DJ, a Photographer and etc. It has become a dream of mine to help people find everything they need for their special day in one place, instead of searching for each thing they would like all over the place.

  Dreams 2 Come, is my way of offering you a convenient one-stop shopping Wedding / Event Venue,  that will have everything that you need. However, if you have other arrangements that you prefer for certain parts of your event, that will be welcomed as well. I will have a Preferred Vendors list available, just in case you are still looking for another professional service.

  Dreams 2 Come is here to lend a helping hand in Making Your Dreams True.